Everyday Life, San Diego, Thoughts

204974659_0c005ae43d2Kelly and I went into the grocery store last night and this guy asked me for 50 cents and I sort of shrugged it off like I always do, because see here in San Diego the homeless have become somewhat of an epidemic.  Society has taught me to not trust anyone but God has taught me that following him is becoming him.  And when you become him then you love like him and when you love like him you don’t shrug off a need, you fulfill it.  I couldn’t help but to think about everything I was buying all the way down to the smoothie mix I was buying to lose weight and this guy would sleep outside tonight.  As I slipped him some money on the way out and was overwhelmed by his gratitude I realized him and I weren’t that much different.  He was a poor soul that was tossed in the wind from whatever decision that was made for him or by him at some point has now triggered this event of where he lies now.  Just because so far the events that I have blew through hasn’t put me there who’s to say it may never happen?  And I would hope someone would not just shrug me.

Love God Love People, and Think Big Live Loud


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