I can’t make this up


3046653364_796e583aaaA friend of Kelly and I  told us this story when we were back home about how her friend at a pet Boa Constrictor(first problem).  She said she had this snake for about nine years and took it everywhere with her and did pretty much everything with it.  Even slept with!(Second Problem)  Well last month the snake began to act kind of funny to her, quit eating didn’t just sleep at the foot of her bed curled up like normal, began to sleep stretched out next to her and she began to be concerned.  So she took it into the vet and the vet gave her some medicine to help make the snake throw up, because all he could figure is he must have ate something that was making him sick.  As she was leaving hoping things were going to get better she said “Oh and the other weird thing is he is now stretching out next to me to sleep oppose to curling up like normal?”  The Vet freaked and said “mam we have to put your snake down!”  Of course not the greatest news she could get!(But just wait)  She asked why and he went on to tell her “the snake is planning on eating you!”  He quit eating because he was making room for you and he is laying beside you now to measure out how long he must stretch to fit you!

How freaking crazy is this!!  Thats why snakes are horrible pets!


One thought on “I can’t make this up

  1. That’s freaking nuts! And not to mention one of the scariest stories I’ve heard in a while. Could you imagine going out that way!? Imagine waking up and realizing that your foot and half your left are in the mouth of a snake! Uhhh!!!

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