A Cultural Disaster

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103400300_b0810b3895Today Kelly and I met with a friend for lunch that was going through some things that really had me thinking about a lot in my life and a lot about my past.  I guess as I get older I realize more and more no matter how much of an individual I feel as though I am, everything I am is shaped by some part of my past.   I feel as though I got an insight today on parenting, which is funny especially for those of you who read this that are parents, considering I am not a parent.  But I can only imagine the unbelievable pressure that comes with being a parent and knowing that you have a child who hangs on your every word and action.  But I believe for those of you who are parents need to hear me out, as a 26 year old man who has had a reflection of his childhood today, You probably know this but here is your refresher:

Tell your child every day that you love them

Don’t be afraid to show them compassion, they will learn that from you!

Vulnerability is solid, but you are also a leader.  So find a balance!

They will learn love, sadness, happiness, truth, worth, desire, compassion, balance, belief, humor, warmth, everything to the last detail from you.

Be careful they will hang on every word.

And they will pivot on your approval.

But again tell them you love them!

I think back to my mom and how just such an amazing job she did at playing both parts as a parent.  I remember every fathers day how I felt she deserved a card, but wouldn’t get her one because I felt as though it was a slap in the face of how she was alone.  But if I hear another story from a girl about how their father could give a crap about them and how now they are bruised forever when it comes to intimacy and relationships I am going to scream!  How in the world can we miss the bus in the raising of our children.  Is it as though they don’t understand the depth of their actions in front of their kids or is it they truly just don’t care?  I cant change these lonely kids past and how they were raised or the things they struggle with.  In fact I cant even speak on behalf of their individual stories?  All I know is somewhere someone missed the boat and my generation is suffering because of it!  For all you future parents, or those who have kids and are taking this in now.  THINK!  You don’t have to be perfect just be reachable and real!  No one is expected you to have it all together, or to get everything right.  But it just breaks me that within a couple months I have heard someone cry because 20 something years ago they never heard a comforting reassuring word from the one they looked to for comfort!  This is a Cultural Disaster!


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