not to much longer


This Sunday most of you know is Elevate’s launch Sunday, and I am flipping out!  We sent out 85000 flyers all over San Diego County and God has just blown my mind already on how many people who have already called and responded to this flyer, and it is going to be huge this weekend!  Not so much the attendance, maybe that too, but mostly I know that God has ignited this vision and I am not sure how most people feel at this point but I am so honored to be apart of a staff and a church that I can truly say has sought out God in everything throughout this journey!  My lead pastor Kevin Campbell is going to bring it and my mom and brother will be here to bring this in with us, I am also going whale watching Saturday morning, what else could you do in one weekend that is better!  God has just renewed my craving for him through this Bible journey that Kelly and I are on and I have just been reminded that Gods word stands strong in times like these and I cant wait to see the face of these Diegans when they here this truth!  So please pray for Elevate this weekend and stay tuned for breakthrough!


One thought on “not to much longer

  1. I wish I could be there this weekend so bad. But I will definitely be lifting you guys up in prayer that morning.

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