it could only mean God

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block1So most of you know I am a Pastor here in San Diego California.  The Church I serve at here is Elevate Church. Yesterday we had our launch service and it went incredible!  Sure there were all sort of hang ups like first our hard drive went out that controlled all our media, and then a security guard had some not so loving words to say about our refreshments outside at our welcome table(no one said anything about a permit)(and he could have had a doughnut?) and then there is a volunteer that drives around the Caramel Valley area looking for signs on the side of the road that are not authorized and puts warnings on them and them the assumption is he lays them down nicely for no one to see.  Hey Volunteer Caramel Valley sign rep if you read my blog, please give a brother a break they are only out there for one hour!(and I would offer you a doughnut too, but we had no permit for that either)  But I say all that to say no one even knows any of this went down!  We had 152 people there, in which 10 of those were children.  We had 1 salvation and a couple baptism request.  And a whole lot of others who signed up for small groups and to serve! It could only mean God.  My mom and brother were in town to experience all this with us, which was truly inspiring within itself and a lot of you guys prayed it up for us and I really do appreciate it!  They say about half of those people come back statistically, so we will see what God has in store for next week!  We are currently exploring a series called Stuck: Searching for Breakthrough.  You can check it out by following these directions Click Here


2 thoughts on “it could only mean God

  1. Wow! What a great hope and encouragement that in the midst of chaos, hinderances, and technical difficulties, God continues to work everything for His glory! We were praying for you all yesterday and will be faithful to keep praying. Col. 2:5-7

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