another day in the life of a church planter

Elevate, Ministry, Pictures, San Diego

328074123_08fd5f0e15_mThis is a site you do not want to see but the destiny that we faced yesterday as I sat in the office waiting for a scheduled conference call, Keven came running around the office corner and said “Dude you have to go get the truck!”  Elevate owns a 16 ft. box truck in which we basically live out of considering we are a portable church.  Ever since we bought this truck it has been somewhat of an adventure.  It all started with our first preview service I arrived at the office to pick up the truck and began driving it to our theater in which we hold our services.  As I am cruising in the middle lane of the five lanes that are on I-5 she quits purring…it seemed as though someone had siphoned our gas.  Then a couple weeks later as always we left her in the office parking lot until we needed it again, well…. I guess someone felt as though she was sort of ugly so they proceeded to make their mark on her with spray paint.  So with the brain that God gave us we decided that we would just leave the ol’ truck at the theater considering it is a nicer area and it would just be really convenient!  Well as of 12 noon yesterday our convenience turned into hassle!  So Kevin comes racing around the hall, I heed is warning and take off to the theatre in hopes of trying to keep our truck out of jail.  I get there and the sky opens up and the sun shines down on our beauty.  So as I am driving away to take her to the safe but not so safe parking lot of our office the tow truck pulls in.  What do I do?  I just waved and thought “wow, just another day in the life of a church planter.


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