not just another number

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not just another number

Today I realized while sitting in my nice leather chair in the apartment that I complain daily about because it is so  small, that these people are not just a number.  They are not just a face, or a statistic, or a process, or even a step.  These people are real people with real problems and a real life.  As I prayed through the communication cards we received today my heart began to break for these people.  I think people probably think we just say we pray for them, “we” as in pastors, but here at Elevate we really pray for our people.  Not just once but multiple times a week, and not only that but we begin to search for a solution for them.  I don’t say any of this to make me sound ultra spiritual or that here at Elevate we have it all together, I say this simply to say God spoke to me today.  It is so easy in this church planting business to get sucked in to just that the business part of it.  Don’t get me wrong church is a lot of processes, but ultimately it is our job to collectively proclaim his name and connect people to their Savior.  I am just finding it really healthy just to take Sunday afternoons and realize the circumstances our people are in and begin praying for them and their next step.  The more I focus in on them the more my job is less about the processes and more about the people.  I want to begin integrating a realistic view on our congregation so that no matter how big Elevate grows too their is never a point that I feel disconnected with the very people that God has called me to serve.  Their not just another number, and God has blessed me with a small apartment and a BIG chair.


One thought on “not just another number

  1. Hey Chris! I’m enjoying your blog and keeping up with what’s going on with Elevate. Pam and I are definitely praying for you guys. We’ve been there…and are in fact there now. If you guys need anything, please let me know. God bless.

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