new year, new shoes, new Iphone app =pain



This year started like most except there were several goals that I set for myself at the beginning, you probably should know hence why this month is almost over and I am just writing about this but I am not good with the whole new years resolution follow through!  In fact I quite suck at healthy all together!  Well I feel somewhat comfortable to write this now because it has been a month and I am still going strong.  My goals looked like this: No sodas, run 1-2 miles for 4-7 days, read through the Bible, and launch 10 small groups(healthy consistent small groups)!  As we started this church I was so committed to the Vision that I would have bled for it.  The more we continue down this road the more I feel as though I need discipline in my life.  The first step with this is feeling better about myself and frankly just feeling better.  So according to this application on my Iphone and a pair of new Nike’s that this lady swore I would glide in by may I will be 25 pounds lighter and running miles daily!  But between me and you that isn’t really where the goals end, in fact my goal really starts here.  Come closer….the fact is I believe that I need to create margin in my life.  I hear all the time about how it is so easy to get busy but it is so hard to create margin and so far in this church planting world that is so true.  Look at it like this if we drove down the road and we didn’t have those nice reminding reflectors that we are getting out of our structured path we could be heading to disaster.  So I really believe God calls us to create somewhat of a buffing zone and margin so that we can leave him room to work, and help us be creative!  I am not saying you should go buy an Iphone, download some snazzy function to remind you daily that you aren’t healthy.  But I am saying begin now taking steps in your life to become more disciplined and to create yourself margin.  Tomorrow I will tell you what God showed me through this crazy process as I tried to run 4 miles today….to be continued


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