Stay Focused, stay happy, and hold on, it hurts at first but feels amazing at the finish line!


2257098570_b38fbc9d0c_mThis is a post that continues from new year, new shoes, new Iphone = pain

So yesterday I told you guys(you guys as in probably the 2 of you who actually read these post) that I feel like God has taught me a lot  through running about church planting.  I really feel that these are no brain-er points but still something we should hear on a regular basis.  And for those of you who are wondering, yes I hit 4 miles today!  Whoo hoo!  But anyways here some thoughts that apply to running but also planting a church:

1) Have a goal.

–Having a goal helps you clarify wins, clarifying wins helps you feel success, feeling success helps you get through the dip and into the next level.

2)Keep your head up

–A lot of people run looking toward the ground, which is a huge mistake because if you are like me the ground is slowly moving under your feet and it gives off this heckle that you will never make it to that goal of yours.  The same is for church planting, it will feel slow and unproductive as long as you are looking down.  But as long as you focus on your next step or goal you will make it, and in fact you will surpass it.  Just keep your head up.

3)Surround yourself with support.

–I run with my wife and I am planting a church with my best friend.  Its good to have people who know you and what your capable of.  That a way they can push you when you need pushed, sweat it out with you when it is tough, and forgive you when you cuss, because you might!

4)Your only young once

–So many people go through their lives saying they will start tomorrow, but the time is now!  I hear this all the time from Kevin and from other great leaders, it goes like this “the greatest rewards in life are on the other side of the greatest risk and opportunities!”  Never make it to the end of your life wishing you would have started a long time ago!

5) And Lastly Do it for the right reasons.

–I think people run for other people, whether they want to look better for other people or prove themselves to other people.  I also think people pastor for the wrong reasons.  If you are a pastor or a leader for a church or thinking about doing this crazy thing, think about why you are doing it.  It is so easy to be fueled by compliments or by “fans” or the image of having it all together, but I can tell you that you are heading toward disaster if this is your inspiration!  Most people obviously don’t start because of this but somewhere transition into this.  Its like this, you are running your goal is set everything is good your feeling great because your pace is set but you approach people so you speed up because you don’t want to look like this is something that you don’t do all the time or that you are new at.  But guess what as soon as you pass your exhausted and ready to stop because you took your eye off the goal for someone else!

Stay Focused, stay happy, and hold on, it hurts at first but feels amazing at the finish line!


One thought on “Stay Focused, stay happy, and hold on, it hurts at first but feels amazing at the finish line!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Just kidding. But seriously, I can’t wait to join you guys out there. Desi and I are so freaking pumped! Oh, and our house is officially rented as of yesterday, so we’re now one step closer! Talk to you soon.

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