What Can I say ” I’m a dreamer”



I noticed something about me today that I guess I have always known, but the older I get the worst it gets.  I’m a dreamer.  I think there are a couple types of categories in this world that people fall under, sure they are broad categories but nonetheless somewhat stereotypical.  One of those  are people like me who are dreamers.  My mind never stops, in fact I can dream my whole life up in a matter of a second and turn around and actually be disappointed when something doesn’t play out.  But here is the catch that I have noticed, I think God likes that I am a dreamer.  My views don’t always come true but I am comfortable enough to say most of the time if I can think it I can produce it.  Which isn’t like this “secret” new age view where I have a vision board and if I think something up hard enough it will come true.  It is more like I think God may just throw me a bone for being somewhat of a visionary.  Let me explain this theory.  I think just maybe if God entertains my crazy ideas, then when He gives me crazy ideas I don’t think twice about them?  Or on the flip side maybe throughout my walk with God he has just somewhat helped me be a dreamer cause I am crazy enough to shoot for the moon.  Who in the heck knows but what can I say “I’m a dreamer”

What is your dream in life?  Where do you see tomorrow?  What are you waiting for!


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