because I believe God is on the brink of something incredible in this city.

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It is February and that might not mean a lot to all of you out there in the blogging world but as for me and the church in which I am on staff at, it means a lot of Love talk and the launch of our small groups.  At Elevate we have spent a whole lot of time and thought on how we were going to do small groups.  I feel as though this is the million dollar question for church plants, because this is your moment to help create environments for your people to come together and grow in so many levels.  So I have read countless examples and material, and don’t get me wrong there is a lot of good stuff out there but now is the time for us to make our decision.  A lot of my thoughts do come from Activate a book by Nelson Searcy(if you haven’t read it, read it).  Basically it comes down to this Elevate will be launching 4 small groups.  A guys group, a girls group, a family group and a young couples group.  We have the leaders and we have the host and here is the layout.

These groups will be on a Semester System. Why deviate from what our culture is use to?  Its OK to go with the flow.  Semester Systems are what were use to in life  and what we will follow.  The book talks about how people grow in stress and release segments.  Go at it for a semester(stress) and take a a month off(release).

We will try to think larger than smaller.  Instead of capping our groups at 10 we will cap them at 15-20.  Everyone knows if we only let 10 sign up only 5 will show up, but if we let 20 sign up then about 10 will show up and you have the right amount for there to be no strain on the group or the Leader.

And lastly another tidbit into our small group methodology is we will think more about multiplying our leaders than multiplying our groups.  A big focus and apart of the vision here at  Elevate is developing leaders.  And lets face it if we multiply our leaders than naturally our groups will multiply too.

So pray for Elevate as we take on the next step into the world of church planting…because I believe God is on the brink of something incredible in this city.


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