its been sometime now

Old School Journal


So its been sometime now since I picked up this book.  This is a part of my life way before all this on-line biz and sharing my thoughts with the world.  Back then I was living this life in between these pages and they are some profound mystery but my heart was so closed and my life was mine and for me only.  I picked this up tonight really out of boredom and anticipation of tomorrow(sleep on Saturday nights is an event!).  So maybe for the next couple post I can share some things with you out of this book.

This is an Excerpt from February 6 2002 when God was beginning to lay a calling in my life to pursue ministry….

LIFE: How can I sit here and watch this happen, the world fall, lives collide.  Do I believe I’m just exempt, invisible to the pressures and sorrows of life?  I committed to go forth…What am I waiting for, my ride?  It was probably right there the whole time but instead of course I was looking for the incomprehensible, like a magic carpet or some galactic force.  Why do I make it complicated when its so simple, like a child in a sandbox.  Ye of little faith Ive been told, yeah maybe, I was so needing a physical answer something I could touch or feel.  Am I ignorant, you have said even the most beautiful flower would fade and the greenest grass would wither but you would always be solid.  You were right there the whole time never moved an inch, and who am I to ask for answers when I really was never listening.  All these Little blessings in disguise, maybe I am just overwhelmed?  Oh wait, wait here’s another excuse!

Its good to see where I was, and where I am?  I think?


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