this one is a little embarrassing?

Old School Journal


…again this is a continuation of this Post

So I wrote this in my journal when I was going through a pretty pointless relationship.  It wasn’t exactly about this relationship but more like toward the mass of girls I was in contact with.  Can I just say I AM GLAD I AM MARRIED AND NOT APART OF THIS DRAMA! So here goes…I stole most of this from the Bible too it seems and maybe twisted scripture a little, remember I was 20, and a moron and it kind of makes since now why my last post took me 6 years to accomplish, I had a long ways to go!

This is an excerpt from March 3 2002

Beauty: Beauty lies beneath the troubles, behind the worries hidden deep inside.  Its not your outward appearance so much as your inner self.  In Gods sight beauty is the unfading of a gentle and quiet spirit.  Charm is deceptive, a smile lies, but your eyes…Boy those eyes.  The innocence is appealing, your eyes seem to magnify your heart, its almost more than I can grasp.  “You are a model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” Its so sad you are untouchable!

Now that is a vulnerable post, or stupid but either way there you go ladies that is what guys think at a very immature age!  It actually cracks me up.  I remember reading this to one of my best friends on the phone and thinking wow she must think I am so insightful.  Now I am thinking she probably thought…are you gay?

I hope these are entertaining for you to read because these are so entertaining for me to write!  I am so glad I found this thing!


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