the rule not the exception?



Heads up!  Kelly and I had a date night tonight, it started out fantastic just another night out on the town.  First dinner then a movie, but not just any movie, the movie that probably pulled all dates in since last Friday when it came out.  Previews do not do it justice.  Listen up to the two of you that may read this, for the sake of the cause do not watch this.  Basically  it sums up the age old myth that all guys are crap and marriage is over rated!  Well here we go, frankly I am over the fact that guys have bad wraps!  Sure a lot guys are worthless but there are some good ones still there.  Maybe if society would quit waiting on the one and become the one, then we may be able to shift this.

For the guys: Listen up if you have any brain in that head of yours, treat her like a lady, not just any lady but the one you would lay down your life for.  If you cant see yourself taking a bullet for her, then man up and don’t drag her along as you strum your confidence and pride.  Basically to make it simple, no matter how you see her, TREAT HER LIKE SHE IS OF WORTH! Help me take back over the sake of being a man, and actually be one!

For the laddieeesss: Yo take it from me there are bad apples out there, but their all not bad!  But don’t do what you may be tempted to do, don’t give away the farm!  Trust me, I know I know we are smooth talkers, and we do clean up nicely on occasion, but we do not define your worth.  You are made in perfection, and are worth the stars, if you feel anything less than this when he addresses you, put him in his place, if he changes great all good guys make mistakes, but if he doesn’t show him the door.  You are way too young no matter how old you are to settle for mister okay!  Oh and one more thing that my wife told me her grandmother or someone once told her, “no fling fling, without the bling bling!”

I will get off my pedestal, and stop preaching but it kills because I am a pastor and cannot say what I want about what people have done to the institution of Love, but I can say this do something for someone that you love today that will sweep them off their feet.  Help me take back worth and to shut up the couple of  uneducated people that are just  louder than everyone else who says crap like this ” you are the rule, not the exception.”


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