The “Common Cold” for Christianity



One of the biggest things that worry me the most about today’s culture, inside and outside of Christianity is the art of being lackadaisical.  In fact there is barely a pulse in a lot of people these days.  It is hard to find that person around town who is just full of zest and feels of worth to even paint a smile.  Now sure, for all the judgemental, we do have seasons in our lives and people do have their moments.  But I cant help but to read about people in our past, inside or outside of the Bible and common Christianity who have had harder times but yet seem to have more of a joyous ride.   I guess I am so tired and burned out of surrounding myself with people  who just don’t even care anymore, who may think nothing is going to change and that they are just the one breeze in the desert of disparity.  I have been reading about our little buddy Paul here recently, and he holds this attitude and determination that nothing would stop him from doing exactly what God wanted him to do.  When in the world is the last time that you have stated that nothing is going to stop you from doing something for what you believe.  A statement like that deserves nothing less but a shout from the roof top.  Why have we settle for normal.  Where did our extraordinary dreams go, that we could come up with on the fly when we were children?  For the love of everything in me, please do not settle for an ordinary life, God has built you for an extraordinary purpose.  Even if that means what society says is a normal life, or normal job.  You don’t have to be  superman to take on the impossible, you just have to heed my warning, and avoid catching the “cold.”


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