Just know that what you may say today may change tomorrow……


159175329_74c861d86b_mA question was asked tonight at my small group, “how powerful could a word really be?”  Which is sort of a loaded question and of course someone piped up(which I would have if they didn’t) “Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!”  Such a funny reminder of childhood, but such a bogus line!  Words are a very powerful thing, they can be the most comforting thing on the loneliest day or the worst reminder of what someone else may think you are.  But there is something that may be even a slight more moving than just the utter word and that is the delivery of them.  A lot of time I think maybe we mean well but we package things horribly!  The greatest phrase can be tainted by the lack of sincerity.  There is an epidemic out there today, and it may even taint the churches around you, and that is the art of lip service.  Saying one thing but doing something else.  You may think something as small as a phrase is so minute in today’s culture but if you watched the news even today you would have seen a story of a Pastor who was shot and killed this last weekend, a school in Germany that had a shooting, and a killing spree in Alabama,  all of these things because something that was sparked by the spoken word.  All I am trying to say is…do the words that you speak affirm those around you or do they tear them down, and are you saying something just because that is what is expected or do you carry sincerity along for the ride?   Just know that the what you may say today may change tomorrow……


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