“if Jesus only had a little more sex appeal, I may could convince them to come just try church out with me!”



Does your church have curb appeal?  Ten years ago, many people would maybe ask this about how gracefully huge  and attractive of a building you could build for your congregation.  But hopefully I am right when I say this, grant you I am a pastor of a church that meets in a theater, but we have come along way about where we use to need to worship.  It just doesn’t have to look as graceful as it may have needed to be several years back.  But when I ask the question “Does your church have curb appeal?”  what I am really asking is how does your people feel as they drive up and prepare themselves for worship.  Do they have to think twice where to park, or what to wear, or where to even go if this is something new to them.  I have really thought a lot about this lately, because at Elevate we have about 50 volunteers about one hundred attenders and we are 3 months old and there are about 3 million other people that pass by our theater on any given Sunday!  And sure when I say this, I am dreaming big, and I do need more than 50 volunteers to pull this off, but if we don’t implement this now then will we really ever do it? What I would love to see is a day that I have someone smiling at you as you pull in off the street, someone there to help you out of your car and maybe help solidify your decision to give us a chance and maybe even that one and only chance to introduce you to Jesus.  I would love to begin warming up to your kids so that you never have to see the tears as you leave them behind in our children’s ministry.  With coffee in hand a maybe a pastry that says “this is a good day!” I would love the day that your kids beat you to the door because they cant wait to see whats in store today at church.  I would never want you to have to think twice about what you wore or where to go or who to say hey to and strike up that not so attractive awkward first conversation.  I know this maybe a no brain-er for the next generation emerging church, because this is something everyone strives for, but I couldn’t help to think through our processes here at Elevate the other day as I walked by a table and this girl says “if Jesus only had a little more sex appeal, I may could convince them to come just try church out with me!” What do you think about that!  Well the scary part about that is I do know a lot of people who feel as though they have to sell Jesus to  people because he just isn’t that cool on his own!  Well I obviously do not think that is true, but I do believe we do serve a relevant God who just maybe bringing “sexy back”  to his churches because in times like these people are looking for answers.  And there is this appeal that draws them.  They want to know what to do in a economy that is falling apart, they want to know how to keep the fire alive in their marriage, they want to know how to raise their kids in a healthy way, and for the love of charlie they want to know there is something a little more out there than this life as we know it!   And so I want to challenge you in your church, in your small groups, in your ministry and even in your home, take a step back and ask does it have a welcoming appeal, or could it be threatening to the one shot tom who is coming in with hopes of hope.  I feel as though the time is coming to think big and to live loud, because people are ready to see His hope and His glory.  Find your sex appeal!


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