she quit breathing sometime Saturday night, and when I found her she was dead!

Elevate, Ministry

119361168_ef9d53ffba_mWow what a weekend!  So most of you know I moved this week, Kelly and I crossed the highway to the greener side of San Diego, with less drive bys and less break ins.   So it began with balancing a couple jobs and trying to pack up and obviously move….but this was the fun part!  I drive the church truck to my new place Saturday night because it is a lot closer to the theater than our office.  Everything goes fine.  I wake up the next morning as I am singing at the top of my lungs because its Sunday!  I live for Sunday!  I jump into the truck and she quit breathing sometime Saturday night, and when I found her she was dead! So about this moment I want to panic but I remember I serve on a team of Super Heroes!  So we somehow get everything we need off the truck and into cars to have church that morning.  Turn the page to Sunday night where we had our monthly “Momentum meeting”  and this brought it all together what an incredible volunteer base we have.  “Momentum” is a chance where here at Elevate we get to pour back into our volunteers.  So with reggae in the back ground a fruity drink in hand we discussed what we would take on an island that was deserted if we could take only one thing!  What an incredible couple of hours.  Back to the nitty gritty, Monday morning I wake knowing I have to get the truck to the shop somehow so I call the tow truck and 400 big ones later we are finally to the shop, where my mechanic jumps right in and cranks her up…all in a weekend as a church planter.


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