Pastoring is kind of like playing hot potato with a hand grenade!


2416823425_9c100d1ef9_mA lot of times I come to this point in my calling and career as a Pastor where I am really at a dead end.  Its one of those “danged if you do danged if you don’t” situations except the explicit version.  I believe because of the fact that a lot of people put me into the “next generational leader movement” I can give them some sort of exceptions to God’s truth.  That somewhere along the line of chasing the cutting edge that truth has changed within the church over the last couple years.  Well that’s all but true.  In fact someone like me and I am sure this is true for others that are in the stage that we are in will probably rely more on the truth because part of my calling is to reinstate the church in peoples mind as a place all about Jesus.  How can I say that everything I do, live,  or believe is Jesus but pass out exceptions?  Truth is truth people….this is truth “When someone ask, “Why are you going to heaven?” if your answer is anything  other than “Jesus”…you’re screwed!”–Perry Noble via Twitter I am not at all interested in slacking the word of God to look cool, or to make you and anyone else in this world call me the “Next Generations leader.”  But here is the messy part, in staying true to myself and what I believe there is a catch where you don’t want to push the people away that were attracted to your sincerity and attitude towards the world in the first place.  So how do you do this?  Who knows, that’s why Pastoring is kind of like playing hot potato with a hand grenade! I use to think naively that this job would be incredible cause you just guide people through problems and tell them that Jesus loves them…ha!  I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  Here is my advice to everyone out there who is entertaining the idea of shepherding…pray like your life depends on it!  Cause it does.


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