Well there is not a verse so it must be ok. Right?

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I have been challenged a lot lately by people on what is right and what is wrong, whats OK and whats not OK.  Not that they are challenging my view at all but just their life and their lifestyle.  It started back when I use to work with youth, and it came in vehicle such as how far is to far?  Because I admit there is a huge gap from “whats your name?” to “SEX!”  But a lot of times in our adolescence we begin to make a game out of decision and consequense.  everyone has heard the whole baseball comparison when it comes to physical action within the relationship.  Well as we progress in life and get older there is still this lurking question in life,  it is just on a different street.  The greatest tragedy to this, is as we get older we get smarter and question more.  The biggest question I deal with to this day is “Well there is not a verse about it in the Bible so it must be OK.  Right?” Well that isn’t always true, and to add to the answer, it doesn’t have to be in the Bible telling you no for you to know it is not the wisest thing for your life and your future.  God doesnt have to tell us diving off a building headfirst into concrete is going to hurt, for us to know we might not walk away from it.  So I really believe that if we begin to ask ourselves whether this situation is the wisest for me, then we will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Also another free lick of advise that may help…read the Bible more than just when you need an answer and it may save you a lot of questions!  Don’t worry..this post isn’t just for you, God is dealing with me too.


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