Between God and the girl….

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I guess this post has been a long time coming but here recently I have just been reminded of a plague that is out there that is cutting off the legs or the next leaders of our culture.  I feel that God has giving me a curse of a blessing when it comes to people sometimes, because I feel like one of the gifts God has giving me is the gift of discernment.  I come across so many guys these day who are in the middle of the pursuit of their lives with God and they have such a pure potential to become such a leader for our generation and the story always ends the same…they turn a corner and there she is!  The Girl.  I know this sounds so crazy but it has happened enough to mention.  There is a beautiful balance out there for you and God and you and her, I obviously believe this being married and having met the girl of my dreams on this unbelievable journey God has giving me.  But why is it that she is so intoxicating that you have to give up one life for the other?  If I had to guess I would even say “She” would desire more a man that reeks God than a man that just reeks!   I guess I write all this to say become the man God has created you to be and I promise you will become the man she needs. Keep your focus keep your priorities and build a life that shouts adventure, on the flip side of this lose your focus and I can guarantee you will be back to this crossroad.  Save yourself some time and heartache!


2 thoughts on “Between God and the girl….

  1. I think you hit it when you said,

    “But why is it that she is so intoxicating that you have to give up one life for the other?”

    I think the problem is that we separate sections of our lives from God. My relationship with my wife is separate from my relationship from God. How I handle my finances at home is separate from my tithe. If we would realize, and teach, that all parts of our lives are connected to our relationship with God, then things like what you’re talking about would be less prominent.

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