Catalyst West Coast Day One



Day one of catalyst was incredible exhausting.  The morning began with some Hillsong United rocking our faces off.  By the first strum I was overwhelmed by just the presence of God in this building!  Here is a picture from my phone:


Then a pastor from my hometown Atlanta Georgia Andy Stanley spoke on “Leading through times of Uncertainty”  Honestly after this talk I could have went home and just dwell on the truth and concepts that he shared for weeks.  Here are some highlights:

“When uncertainty goes away you are no longer needed as a leader.”

“Life is uncertain, but God is not”

“Uncertainty is not an indicator of a poor leader, but yet the arena in which good leaders can be identified”

Two Highlighted points within this topic was “Clarity” and “Flexibility”


“As a leader it is OK to be uncertain but it is not OK to be unclear”

“When uncertainty comes there is clarity within your vision”

“Do know what you know how to do and let God take care of what is uncertain”


“Plans Change but Vision stays the same”

“A lot of churches are dead because a long time ago we fell in love with the plan and lost the Vision”

“Learn to confidently Express uncertainty”

And finally “Leadership is not making every decision on your own but its about owning those decisions once thy are made”  And when all else fails “Blame it on the Economy”

As you can see, there was a lot of useful information and that was just the first talk!  But there is more from where that comes from!

To be continued…..


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