Continue Day One of Catalyst West Coast



More from Day one:

Notes and Quotes from Guy Kawasaki on the “Art of Innovation”

1)Make Meaning

2) Make Mantra(Mission statement should be 2 to 3 words that defines your church)

3) Jump to the next curve(Don’t do things 10% do it 10 times better

4) Roll the Dicee (Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegance, Emotive)

5) Don’t Worry Be Crappy(Don’t wait for the perfect product, get it out there and let your consumer mold it to an even better product)

6) Polarize People(If you create something great it will create controversy)

7) Let 100 flowers blossom(take people even if they aren’t the ones you are trying to reach)

8) Churn baby Churn(Always Evolve)

9)Niche thyself(What makes you unique and valuable)

10) Follow 10-20-30 rule(10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 font)

11)Don’t let the Bozos Grind you down(Basically don’t just listen to people they are often wrong!)

Then Jud Wilhite Explained

“that there is no arrival point in ministry so you better love the journey!”

Nick Vujicic (life without limbs)

“It is not about your capacity but your availability”

Ultimately What I learned today is don’t think because your insignificant that God cannot do something significant in you!


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