Welcome to the Magic!

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Yesterday we celebrated the love of my life “Kelly’s Birthday” and we took up Disney’s offer of celebrating her birthday for free.  First off Disney is a place where you can truly be a kid again, which is over the top incredible, but second it helped me really put life and everything that is involved into perspective.  I know I have a habit of searching to deep into things to find the truths within them but I can not help it.  So here goes some thoughts for you and I that are in the church world.

1) Disney creates an experience. The moment you step into Disney you become overwhelmed by the experience at hand.  First off if it is your birthday you get this pin to wear so that everyone knows its your day.  From the happy music to everyone saying hey happy birthday you instantly develope an emotional connection to your surroundings.  You are treated as though you are the only one in the park, though you are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people.

2) Disney knows details.  From the rides to the characters to the intentionally placed shops and ice cream parlors, every thing is thought out to the point that you cant help but notice.  When I thought wow, this would be an awesome time to relax there was a place to do that, when I thought, it is time to get a thrill, the thrills awaited my arrival.  From the point you enter it is like they know or create the thoughts you will have.  It becomes a no-brainer process and truly a vacation.

2) Disney knows advertising. They offer a free pass for you on your birthday knowing most people aren’t coming alone.  So you end up buying a ticket, eating in the park for two now instead of one.  You stay at there hotels and buy into their vision.  It is an incredible idea for them to keep people coming to their parks!

How can we take all this to church.  Create a detailed never forgetting experience where people know from the point they see your ad campaign that they are going to have an anointed moment with you and your vision.

Here is some other pics:






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