The Blind leading the Blind

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3348830173_30d01723b7_mThis post is a continuation of yesterdays post …..

Yesterday I wrote about something that God has just been putting on my heart about the people I come in contact with everyday.  How a lot of times we appear that everything in our life is going fantastic and nothing is wrong inside, but when in reality we are dying on the inside.  So apart of my step into the right direction I began handing out crackers and food to those around me who are homeless.  Well God added to this story yesterday at work.

If you don’t know this already I am a pastor, and if you know anything about that lifestyle, you sometimes have to work other jobs to compensate that lifestyle of choice.  So my other job is at the great and marvelous Chick-fil-a!   So as I was working last night I noticed a blind man walking across the road, with no regard to the on coming traffic.  He was approaching our building as though this was new territory for him and he was not sure where to enter.  As he placed himself with his hand grazing our wall towards the entrance my first thought was holy crap “I can’t imagine a life with out sight!”  So he stepped into our building not knowing where to go next he began asking for someone to help him get to the counter and get him some food.  So I began to assist him through the process of life outside of his boundaries.  So throughout all of this we exchanged names and crazy stories on how we  both ended up on the west coast so far from home.  I took him back to the bus stop where he exited my life, probably thinking just another day in a dark world.  But I am telling you God really used him to help me really think through my surroundings and my lifestyle and the choices that I make.  Though I have sight, I have come to realize I have a hard time seeing. This man has learned to trust, which is hard for me, he has learned to take a step in the dark and the unknown, which seems crippling to me.  He has learned to depend on people even when most of the time they are not dependable.  And he listened to me as though there was nothing in this world he would rather do.

When will we begin to choose to surrender a life we feel we have control of and begin to grasp a life that is unknown, but is controlled by the utmost highest.  Because after a couple hours with Danny, I have realized that seeing is not always believing but having faith in the next step can take you to the next level.

Is how your living today worth someone writing about in the future.


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