if grace is an ocean we are all sinking


504048976_eca7ffdb72_mIts amazing how it doesn’t matter how old we are, where we have come from or how much we know or even think we know for that matter.  God still has a way of embracing us in a way like we have never left his arms.  Though he created the universe he still takes time to continue to live in the small unique things and details of our lives that ignite love within our heart.  I am studying tonight because I am speaking at my church next week and every time I re-look at these passages I learn as though it was the first time I read them.  How unbelievably thoughtful and pure are the ways of a savior who while on earth lived a life not for Him and not just for them but for you.  Every move he made every step of the way intentionally he romanced his creation and guided us as though we were an infant taking our first step.  How he loves us…  When he prayed he did so to teach, when he taught he did so to love, and when he loved he did so even to death.  How he loves us…  Where are you right now, and when was the last time you took out time to get to be still in His breath?  I mean I know if you are like me you live a life with Him through the chaos and hustle and bustle, but when is the last time it wasn’t about you?  All I can think is that His whole life here on earth was about us being about Him?  Where are you in this mix?  Find a specific location, a specific time everyday with me until next Sunday and begin to know your Savior (Savior as in you are not here with out Him) so make this time about Him not you.  Trust me depending on how long its been this could be a very awkward time but if you do this I promise it will revolutionize you life, and hopefully you will last a lot longer than next Sunday.

Leave me comments on how this time goes and what God teaches you.


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