The number one thing gets the number 6, 123, 456, 789, 098 spot in your life



Did you know that we spend 36% of our life asleep and 11% of our life watching television?  How bout we spend 16% of our life working and about 5% eating and drinking?  There are percentages here and percentages there and time we give to this and time that we give to that.  But why is it that we spend less time on the reason we can even measure our time in the first place.  Don’t check out here because this isn’t just another blog about God or your time with God, its about priorities and what  you and I do with our lives?  Why in the world does statistics show that we spend 9% of our life on house work or lawn work when you and I both know how much that stuff bites?  Our time with God has become so self centered that I feel as though we are sitting in a corner of a big house that is waiting to be explored.  That big house is Prayer! It seems as though most of us come to God in the busyness of our lives and I am not saying that it is bad all I am saying is what if there was more to the communication with God that you and I are missing out on because our noses are stuck in a corner?  In Matthew 6:5-9 Jesus speaks to his disciples about prayer and tells them how they are to take their relationship with God to another level.  It basically comes down to this for all of you who are not going to go and read it…Location is important.  God deserves and request intentional time with you.  Coming to God when times are hard is easy but what about when times are good?  That’s pretty easy too.  But what about daily to just spend time with him?  Well you think, “I would run out of words to say!”  That’s great because Jesus goes on to explain its not what you say that’s important, and he know anything you could ask anyways, its about the time investing in the relationship that everything else flows through.

Don’t just become another statistic, and become a movement!  Where will you spend the rest of your life at the beginning of your day?


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