Taking a proactive approach


54449321_8ba29d3bfc_mI was at the beach this past weekend and one thing that I have been noticing about the lifeguards on the beach is that they spend more time taking more of a proactive preventative approach on saving lives then actually out in the water pulling people in.  I began thinking about how this really should inspire and parallel with the church.  A lot of the time in my opinion the church is out there spending most of their resources trying to save people from the chaos, then taking the time to help prevent people from being taken over from the chaos.  What if we began loving the people that need to feel love, feeding the people that are hungry and equipping the people who need purpose in there life.  Could we not prevent a ton of things just by starting their in peoples lives?  Would we see change?  Grant you it is God who saves in our business, but that is the exact thing I am trying to get at, if only God can change someone then why don’t we let him do that and we do what we can, which is teaching people how to swim safely in a dangerous ocean.  What are you doing to take a proactive approach in helping people live the life they were called to live.  It will benefit all if you stop trying to save and you start trying to  prevent.


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