The Cracks in your hand were enough to change me…



About a month ago Kelly and I went out to eat with some friends, and as we left the restaurant we passed by a guy who stood at the edge of a wooded area who was clearly homeless.  So I pulled the car over cause we had some left overs that would inevitably get lost in our refrigerator and this poor guy looked as though he had not eaten for days.  So as I approached this man he began to weep and as I handed over the food and waters he pulled me in for a hug he needed more than I.  He began to tell me what it was like in the war and how he learned the survival skills there that he needed to survive here.  I couldnt believe the words he saying but what really captivated me was the cracks and scars on his hands.  I couldnt help but to wonder how many people pass this man on a daily basis, and even further how many of those people are believers.  It is beyond me to even understand how we let people, human beings sleep on our street corners and most of us have a room in our houses that we don’t even use. I am not saying that you are the one to blame, but I am saying you can help to bring change.  Next time you pass someone on the street do something to help their circumstance!  We cant just keep feeding them and placing a band-aid on the problem, we have to help fight this epidemic.  These men and women are someones children, maybe someones brother or sister, or maybe even someones parents, but for sure they too are someone Jesus cared enough for to die a brutal death so that they can have eternal life.  Do you view them as a problem or as Gods beautiful creation?


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