I am a Sucker for Acoustic Sunshine on a Rainy Day


Yesterday rain came like a hurricane off the coast here in San Diego, which you may not know this but rain is something we get few and far in between.  But when we do its like God wants it to count!  So during this downpour yesterday I decided it was time to update my acoustic playlist in my music library.  While doing this I thought through my life and about the certain things I am just a sucker for!

Here is my list of the Top 5 things I am just a sucker for(in no particular order):

1) Cheesecake for breakfast(something about the cold sweet taste of a bad decision)

2) A Late night surrounded with friends by the fire and an irreplaceable cup of coffee(I love the honesty that comes with being drowsy)

3) Poetry in the form of a singer/song writer behind a piano or an acoustic guitar(Especially when its raining or over a candle lit dinner, I know I am hopeless)

4) Sunset on a board in the Pacific(surfing is like camping on the east coast there is just something unimaginable in being surround by God and his glory)

5) Passionate Worship( I have not been able to find a feeling that replaces the warmth of being surrounded with people giving their life to a movement through song. God moves people and so does music and when you put them together you will see abandonment defined.)

This Idea was all started while listening to Jon Foreman’s Ep’s and also Sleeping at Last’s album Storyboards check them out!

And spread the word and share with me what you’re a sucker for! Give me your 5


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