To defeat the Giant

Bible Journey, Everyday Life, Ministry

Many of you are familiar of the story about David and Goliath. As I was reminded today of this story I thought about how relevant this story is today.  Because no matter where you are, there has been a point in your life where you were up against a giant that seem to shadow over you.  Most of the time this Giant in our lives is Sin!  But one of the greatest truths in this story is that even though everyone around David saw him as a shepherd boy and Goliath as the victor, David knew who was on his side!  But you and I when we are given this sort of opportunity to defeat what has cast a shadow on us for sometime, we tend to be overwhelmed with of how big the situation and/or problem is.  But what if for once we took on the optimism that David carried?

Everyone around David told him that Goliath was too big to defeat, but David thought he was too big to miss!

As David approached this Giant, he dwelled on how big his God was and realized that Goliath was no match for the creator of the universe.  Because just like David coming from the chosen people you and I are were chosen for the son of God to pay the price on our behalf, so then at that point we became heirs of eternity and Gods kingdom.  When we compare our sin and our problems with the creator and the power in which he bestows, our giants becomes nothing more but an opportunity to defeat and an opportunity to give God the glory in which he deserves.  So as you approach your giant today remember who is bigger, and remember who deserves the worship in which you will deliver to something.  Why not give it to the King of kings, and Lord of lords, the one that brings your only chance of victory.  Today my prayers are with you and your battle, that you too may defeat the Giant!


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