To Resent God….


“I Resent God” was the words utter from some incredible God-fearing people last night as we all sat around my living room discussing the topic of “Dissatisfaction.”   I have never seen rawness when it comes to our(mankind) relationship with our Savior like I did last night.  You should know I a sucker for vulnerability and truth.  So when I asked “how can we begin living a life of contentment(1 Timothy 6:6-8)?” The response was “Stop resenting God” I was shocked!  But why was I shocked?  Is it the mere fact that most of us have gotten to a place where resentment is the most genuine feeling we have felt in a long time, but it is sort of taboo to say out loud so we have kept it a secret?  Or maybe it was just the first time I have seen people on their own take a step into healing without being prompted or persuaded to dissect.  Either way I  believe most of you have struggled with this secret for sometime and you are not sure how to even approach God for healing.  It is true and I can not downplay this next statement, but those are some very harsh words to even whisper to a Savior who lived to die for you and I.  But I believe and really I know God knows you!  Its simple, he knows your thoughts, your actions, your intentions and even the next step before you.  So how do we move from resentment to contentment?

3 Easy steps to move from resentment to contentment

1) First, approach God with the truth.  Maybe become more vulnerable than you ever have?  Tell God he is not first in your life.  No matter the reason, acknowledging the situation at hand will free you from the stronghold and prepare you for the deliverance that He has in store!

2) Recognize where the real resentment comes from, because just like last night, if you take a look deep into this imbedded issue you will realize your resentment has little or nothing to even do with God.  But Satan(yeah I said it) has just as much of a plan as God does and lets face it, sometimes he wins(Not big picture war, but little picture battle!)!  Most of the time I our resentment comes from us and our decisions, and not knowing, but when recognizing the real issue we begin understanding we don’t even take the steps to know more about God, like reading our Bible and praying.

3) Begin Reading Your Bible Daily! And PRAY PRAY PRAY!  You will never understand God if you do not tap into the Spirit inside of you and the resources that He has given us to get to know him! And this is where I think the frustration comes in.  We cannot believe we are given everything we need to succeed and yet we choose failure!  And so it is easier to blame the one who defines love and every other feeling inside of us than to take a gulp of reality and realize he has never stop pursuing us,  we have just fell into comfort again!  And really do we have the right to “Resent” God if we have never taken a step in the right direction to try to get to know Him?

(Contentment does not equal settling or a life of blah comfort)

The last thing that I have about this topic is this, WE WIN! What other part of life do you get to know the end and know that you become victorious?  So lets begin living like We Win!  We came into this world with nothing and if you look around at all the blessings God has given you then you really have no need to worry.  If you came with nothing and have a lot of somethings, then it is proof of Gods faithfulness.  But understand this,  you will leave just like you entered, so stop exercising all your energy on  stuff and start building a life of radical contentment today!

Read Paul’s testimony in all this for more study!

Philippians 3:7-14, 4:11-13


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