Talk is Cheap


Yesterday I got the privilege of bringing the word to Elevate Church and the title was “Talk is cheap, its time to put our faith into action.”  I was a little nervous about bringing this message, because I have had the flu all week-long.  I don’t know about you and how you prepare your message but here is how I process.


First off I take the topic at hand and begin brainstorming every possible story or life application that I can, to help support the topic and text.  Essentially to bring alive the text to help our people process the connection.  So many times people can’t connect to the text or subject from the bible, because it just seems far away to them?  Though it is relevant and relative to all of our current situations. for the unchurched it is far away.  I feel as though it is one of my responsibilities to help them see that it’s actually not that far.

Connecting the Dots:

So once I have the text, topic, and supporting factors I begin the writing process.  Essentially this is my connecting the dots phase and through this process I bring everything together and write the skeleton of this message out.  I will never call a message complete after this process because the next phase is critical in how I drive the point home and communicate what God has shown me.

Pregame warm up:

Within this phase is where I need a room, a car or some place far from people where I can literally speak in volume what God has put together within me for this message.  It’s not necessarily a rehearsal, but more like after a songwriter has thrown his lyrics on a page, until he strums and sings the first note it’s just a poem on a page dying to become a song.  I need to hear verbally what God has spoken to me through this process.  I think truth is the most important part of a message but I also know that a catchy hook makes a song, therefore a flow within a message that I am presenting is vital for the process of digestion within my audience.  My goal is not to give them so much content they lose the take away.

I have never preached a message that wasn’t needing to be preached to me first.  Everything I bring I bring passionately, because I have spent the last week preparing, praying and changing through the words that I heard first through this process.  By the time I hit the stage I hit the stage as a different person because what God has done in my heart.  So when I laugh it’s because its funny, when I cry it’s because it is emotional, and when it falls apart you can bet it’s because I tried to do this without dealing with God first(hope that never happens again)!

So I was nervous this week because I had no voice or strength to carry out my “Pregame Process” and without me really hearing this message I wasn’t sure how it would flow.  But again God taught me something through that process.  It just happened to be in front of people this week instead of alone, since the first time they heard it was really the first time for me.

Here is what was not exactly planned, God showed me that I could process and I could plan until my little heart is content but I am never truly prepared to step in front the one true God.  I thought this message was chalked up to disaster and that it was scattered.  But God moved and lives were changed, including mine.  To see someone accept Jesus for the first time in their life and to know it definitely was not from me or anything I could control was as pure as pure could get.  I will never forget the moments in my ministry like yesterday.  To everyone else it was probably just another message from the pastor who thinks he is funny but as for me….and the one who said yes to the call we bask in Gods grace and glory until the end of time.

Thank you God for changing lives through me and using me as a vessel that hardly holds water at times…I will never stop making you famous!

To hear the message or any other message from Elevate Church Click Here

And for Key message points read Kevin Campbells blog, he is a pretty good note taker.
Think Big Live Loud

Chris Reynolds


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