The page has turned…


This post is in reference to this.

We are waking up at our first pit stop along a journey that seems somewhat surreal up until this point.  Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life.  As the first song began to play the tears began to run!  Somehow God got me through preaching, but it was so hard to focus with so many things going through my head.  Am I making the right decision?  Can I provide for my wife?  Is this really what God wants for me?  Questions like this stand in the corner of what has been such a beautiful life so far.  And it sucks.  I know it is more Satan than anything, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take away from the sting.   I was once told that in life and in ministry know your calling because sometimes that may be all that you have and that’s where I am right now.  I feel as though I am wandering in the wilderness waiting for God to point me into the right direction.  But with all that being said, Kevin said something yesterday that I have heard him say before and it really has just stuck with me and it went something like this

“Anytime Anywhere Anything at Any cost.”

Even though it is such a mixed emotional time let me try to encourage you, I know there are so many of you out there standing on the edge of a calling from God, and you haven’t said yes yet because you’re terrified of the day after  like today for me.  But it is worth it! Jump!  Though I said bye to about 50 of my closest family and friends yesterday(all at one time=suck!) and I had to leave my church home and something I have invested in more than anything else in the world, it is worth the cost.  You have to confidently trust God has a bigger and better next step for you in your life.  I challenged Elevate yesterday and would love for you to hear it also, God wants us to Wait Earnestly.  If you believe God is going to do something big in your life, prove it and begin preparing now for that next step.  If He answered today a prayer you have been praying for what seems like forever would you be ready for the answer?  Wait Earnestly, and confidently on God.  He will pull through and show out, I hope you will be ready.  Don’t get caught up in the transition, transitions are always hard get caught up in his direction.

our small group

In lighter news we have made it to Las Vegas.

Last night we ate at a restaurant Kristin Murdock would be so proud of, it was called Stack.  I had this unbelievable Kobe burger…holy cow and it was just that “Holy Cow.” and then we just walked around and checked out the different Hotels.  It has been so much fun so far, minus me missing the “Welcome to Nevada” sign, oops?(We were suppose to stop and take a picture there.)  Today we will head over the Hoover dam and check out the south rim of the Grand Canyon, which I am pumped to finally see and probably stay in Flagstaff AZ.  If you want a play-by-play you can follow our journey on Here.

Stay tuned.


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