The beginning of day 2


Yesterday was a fantastic day as we continued to make our way from the west to the east.  We woke up in Vegas and had breakfast with some of the locals(Laurice’s family) and then headed towards the Hoover Dam.  We spent a lot of time in “Dam Traffic” but was entertained by every last sign that took the opportunity to use “Dam”  within its quick humored directions.

Hoover Dam though crowded was just incredible to see how we as humans can create such incredible structures.  From there we headed down the long lonely road towards the Grand Canyon.  Though it was beautiful I couldn’t help but think “why in the world do people live out here in the middle of nowhere!”  Through the desert and up the mountains and back down we finally began to see signs saying “Come See the Grand Canyon”  and man did we!  As we walked up to gaze over the cliffs I was just overwhelmed by Gods creation. 

Seriously pictures do not do the view justice…it was unbelievable!  And the quote of the day by my buddy Carson as we looked out into the great beyond, “They should bring atheist out here and hold them over the side” it was perfect.  I was a little confused on why in the world they charge $25 to go into the park but trust me you forget about that quick!  From there we headed towards flagstaff.  In between the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff the terrain was covered in beautiful white snow and nothing but mountains and beware of Elk signs.  Which later we realized were not  just for decorations, as we approached the biggest Elk I have seen heading the direction of our path that we were traveling on very briskly!  As I looked up its as though we locked eyes, Carson screamed I slammed on the breaks and the girls went nuts, not even knowing what was happening!

Needless to say nothing really happened but it was a close call and a great conversational piece for the rest of the dark drive to Flagstaff.  So here we are in the cheapest hotel we could find still recovering for another amazing dinner last night at a local brewery.  Today we are headed to at least Amarillo, TX and cant wait to see more of the peculiar sights of Route 66.


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