From West to East Day 2


Today was a long travel day.  We woke up in what was one of the more sketchy hotels I have stayed in, in my life.  But the weather was brisk and the food was great which made for a good start.  First off before we hit the road we had to try Brandy’s which was featured on Diner Drive-ins and Dive’s.  Though the people were a little to “Mountainy” for me, it was a great banana pancake!

After breakfast we hit the road for our 9 hour trip to Amarillo, Tx.  One thing you should know is we bought a book before we left San Diego telling us about all the weird stops.  So we stopped at as many of them as possible.  First up we came across “Meteor City”  which was supposedly where the world began with one of the biggest meteors impacting our planet…we couldn’t tell you how legit it was because one thing the book left out is that it cost $30 for us to see the big hole in the world!  So instead we though it would be a great idea to just pull over and take a pic in the middle of the desert, a morning after we are all still pulling out cacti out of our legs!  Memories!

Our trip came to a screeching 2 hr halt because of this!

Carson saved the “Fam Cam” by catching the tumble weed

Best Shake I have ever had! “Standard Diner” Albuquerque New Mexico

We had such a great time getting to Amarillo, but we have such a long way to go to get to Little Rock…See you then!


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