It has been a week


It has been a week since Kelly and I have arrived at our new place.  But it has been hard to make this place feel like home.  Most of you know we did leave San Diego and one of the greatest opportunities we have ever been given to chase a calling.  And a big part of that calling has been me getting back into school.  With all of my schooling being from Georgia, I guess I thought this would be somewhat of an easy transition back into this particular institution.  Little did I know!  So it goes like this… Since I have paid taxes in another state, being California, I am now considered out-of-state.  Even though I have lived and schooled in Georgia my whole life except for about 18 months, they still consider me out-of-state.  So ok that’s fine I came to grips there was no way around this until I found out a stipulation.  Within this year of me re-committing my membership to the great state of Georgia I cannot take any more hours in school passed part-time or they will always charge me out-of-state tuition because though I was born here they will put me in the file of moving here for schooling and continue to rip me off!  So for 1 year I cannot exceed 11 hrs.  OK so then I came to grips with that until I saw what out-of-state tuition cost!  For a normal in-state student for a semester is going to cost you around $2500, but if you come to the great peach state as an out-of-stater you will be paying over $8000 a semester.  Though there is Ivy growing on the campus, we are not talking about Harvard here, this is a state school!  So needless to say we really took this blow hard.  Our prayers have stayed the same asking God to use us as leaders of our generation to help make him famous but our tone has dampened a little.  We know all the right answers in this situation but it doesn’t take the sting out of it!  We are still pushing forward on trying to find jobs and trying to find ways around this school stipulation, and you should know  I am not worried about our circumstances I am just trying to shuffle through life during this time of perseverance.  Thanks for your time and we will talk again soon.


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