For my boy Kirk


Today I ran into a buddy of mine at a local coffee shop in town.  As he sat at his computer studying up on a passion that God has been fostering in his heart for sometime I could see in his eyes a familiar battle.  See like Kirk there are many of you who are in a place right now where God has called you to step up in this dance with ministry.  But the problem with this part of the story is you are somewhere between the beginning and the rising action, which they never really taught us much about the in between in school.  I remember being here and looking at the height of the many walls and mountains that I would have to climb in order to even get on this path where I felt called.  It began by explaining to my parents the unexplainable and then trying to get someone or somewhere to give me a shot.  Cause at this point within the story even falling on your face at a chance someone gave you is still a chance, but the problem is we make it so hard for people like Kirk to get even get that chance.

So our conversation continued and he explained the overwhelming thought of finally graduating and his student loans being due(they don’t waste any time) and seminary being pricey and how everyday felt like a crowded room with our backs against the wall with barely a breath of fresh air left.  And I guess I give you this example not to say Kirk is slowly becoming a statistic with the rest of our society of being over educated and underpaid(cause I won’t let that happen), but to say if you find yourself here in this moment living on a dream and praying for the hope within that very dream then think about this…When it comes to your life on the big scale of things, what is the one thing that you can’t leave this world without having some sort of impact on?  What is it that thing that if you knew you could do it and wouldn’t fail and couldn’t be stop, you would do?  Someone once asked me something very similar to this, and then said well if you don’t do it you’re an idiot!  Never in my life do I want to get to a point where I regret not trying.  There are many things in life that you may feel somewhat of a sense of failure, but what is failure and does it even really exist?  Because if we learn then how can we chalk it up as failing and not just experience.

I know when it comes to God, a lot of times we are called to do things that may seem crazy, that’s what faith does sometimes it calls us to living recklessly for Him, but I truly believe that something is not right about our lives making sense to the world?  Its suppose to be different?  So I guess what I am trying to say is, odds are meant to be defied cause God is meant to be glorified, so don’t give up, give in, or walk away.  Instead let loose, jump, run, and be dangerous to the sleeping comfortable world in which we live in…because lets face it, you don’t want to be rocking on the porch one day wishing you had.  And for the rest of you crazy people who have all been where Kirk is today wishing someone would give you a shot to develop and catch fire, here is your chance to equip our future.

Lets become leaders of leaders and let’s do it today.


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