My mind is empty and my heart is full


Lately life has gotten extremely busy, with our return to Atlanta for the sake of school in which I began yesterday.  I feel as though I sit in a classroom again with a mind I emptied long ago waiting for it to become full again.  The class I am taking right now is Sociology of Religion, which is essentially a discussion of how religion has impacted society and how it continues to make an impact.  In light of the topic and considering I am a pastor, this has been such an interesting time.  It is easy for me and it has always been this away, but to keep an open mind and not be threatened or insulted by what others thought of  my “Religion.”  Mostly because I guess I have never seen myself much as a religious person.  With my interpretation(probably not meaning much to you) I have always thought the Bible spoke and read pretty clearly that religion was not the main objective.  Jesus seem to amen such a thought within the time of his intentional stay here on earth.  But it is so hard for me to be objective not necessarily when it comes to talking about Christianity, probably because there are so many sects out there these days, who even knows what such a word means, but about Jesus.  Because I believe he was more than just a lunatic, I believe he was God sent, Gods son, redemptive power, grace waiting to cover me, there very being I live to praise.  So it is so hard for me to sit and let people continue to go on misunderstanding the very truths of Gods word and Jesus.  So while I am there apart of this social institution that society has said I needed to attend in order to get a job worth a crap. I am there trying to fill my mind, but I leave every night with a full heart.  I am still in the process of waiting expectantly for Gods next step in my life and the canvas to be revealed with the wild colors of his plan.  I guess I have been waiting since our departure from San Diego.  But I think you should know that while I am waiting I am not going to stop serving, living and dying to see people who are far from God become Passionate followers of Christ!  No matter the platform or the place of worship, I want to exist to see people thrive for the creator of the world.  I guess I write all this to say, sorry Dr. Holland I am learning a broader view of religions and no matter how much my mind fills with different perspective, it all points back to Christ and how we on so many levels may have missed the mark, but that there are still people out there who try to die to themselves daily in hopes that for a moment Christ life and teachings will be revealed within them.  And church leaders and everyone else who is walking around claiming the teachings of Christ, I feel you should know that the world doesn’t have that great of a taste in their mouths for us right now.  Sure some of them are that away because its their choice but some of them are that away because of the contact they have had with us and our churches.  One thing that is said over and over that I feel as though they just may have right is, we somehow continue becoming the very thing we don’t want to be, religious.  Please pray for my time this semester with these students and the chance I have to love them in a way that can’t be shaken!


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