Wow this is so true, yet we have shifted?


I haven’t written in a while on this site, mostly because I read something that spoke to the thought of narrowing down my focus on when I blog and so I have spent time doing so on here.  But today I feel inspired.  And it is a personal inspiration not one of focus on the adventures that I am currently in but one that focuses on who I am.

Who is Chris Reynolds and what defines his life and his path.

I know him pretty well and I can tell you he dies on the inside daily for the people in which he comes in contact with.  He feels the pressure of the world and the expectations they have on him even though he has set most of those up against himself.  He labors in pain unto the broken and shamed, and tries so patiently to live within the grey shade of life in between who they say he is and who God knows he is.  He is trying not to be defined by what he does but by who he really is.  But its hard for him to rest his weary soul because no matter what happens during the day his calling is still whispered around every corner and decision that he hangs his hat on.
How can you shuffle through life so carelessly yet so intentionally.  I don’t know the answer to this and I have probably at some point around you put on this facade that I did, but what I can tell about who Christ was and what he has asked me to do is in the lines of this.  He infiltrated a culture without becoming the culture.  With this intentional way of living he was trusted without flaunting that He was better, He was in the same room but yet so much different then they were.  He was at this step that was only one step away from pure majestic splendor and fleshly bones. (of course He was God and sinless and perfect) But to those he came in contact with he was an example.  He didn’t make them feel as though they were less, He made them feel as though he was different, a desirable different.  I read a John Piper tweet yesterday that said “People are less intimidated when you are more like them, but are they more helped?”  Wow this is so true, yet we have shifted ministry, life and the grey in between to be more like them instead more like HIM.  How much of an impact can we have being like everyone else they know.  Don’t get you are better than that out of this, just get you are different and it is a year to embrace that difference.

So I know you want it cause everybody has one, here is the 11 things I want to do in 2011

1) Be a better Husband and help my wife reach a step closer to her dreams.

2) Read the Bible, the whole thing.  I say this every year and I fail it every year.

3) Memorize a verse a week, which means 52 verses will be apart of my vocabulary…that cant hurt.  Here was this weeks: Philippians 1:27 “Whatever happens conduct yourself in manner that is worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

4) For the love of all that is holy watch my portion size.  Lets face it I am chubby and not proud of it. Lets lose 20 pounds, why not?

5) Treat my mother like the queen she is.  With out her wisdom and guidance where would I be today?

6) See Hike with Hope take a giant leap of faith in this vision God has given us.

7) Finish School.  I will be done hopefully in December if my calculations are correct, but then again I failed math badly!  So at least by January…but why not December?  I am taking 15 hours this semester….God help my soul

8 Be a leader of my generation.  Love to start a disastrously raw small group where my friends and I can battle through this shade of bondage to societies success scale!

9) Support a missionary(this one is kind of a give me, since we have that couple picked out) But give consistent, and out of love.

10) Get a dog.  It’s either a kid or a dog at this point, lets face it…its time for something to thrive or die…probably better a dog than a child at this point.

11) Be me, at this point I have calculated my decisions by their outcomes and changed a lot of who I am to make you like me more…well this isn’t my licenses to be hated but to show you what God has created and live in a manner that is worthy of that!(see my memory verse is already paying off)

11.5) I also want to help the dreams of others around me become realities.  Right now I have a buddy who wants to clothe them and a buddy who wants to shelter them…its time to make an impact on the people in your woods and your streets.

There you go…be inspired


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