How do you process that?


The Hike With Hope team and I just returned from Delicias, Honduras a day ago and I have been trying to process what took place ever since.  Leaving the country is shaky, leading a team without knowing the outcome is scary, but seeing the hope and love of Jesus Christ rejected is without a question the hardest thing a man can witness.  When I launched Hike With Hope, I will admit, it was probably too soon and somewhat of an underdeveloped idea.  But still something told me the time is now.  The idea was to take hope to the hopeless and love the forgotten all around this world.  Did I ever think we would actually get the opportunity to do such a thing?  Still not sure, but we have, we did, and we will.  God has blessed us beyond measure and has provided more than I can imagine.  But we spend 90% of our time preparing for the 10%, and that 10% is hard and heavy.  This last week we saw God move and develop the seeds we planted last time.  It was unbelievable, and so rewarding.  But this week we also caught a glimpse of a bondage so strong that has made truth become relative for so many.  The picture was painted when a lady spoke to Gerardo one late afternoon saying, “You and your Americans can’t buy us with rice and beans.”  At first it was so discouraging, because if you know me then you know I am very careful in leveraging anything for the gospel.  I have always been very aware not to present an “if you say this prayer I will give you this” type attitude.  But this wasn’t about me or the team, it was about religion.  Religion has warred on for sometime now, battle after battle, with people arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong.  I guess for once I was hoping that we could spare the battle of who’s right, and not “fight” to “win” but “love” to “change.” Not that I think I am wrong, because I know Jesus is the only way.  But until these people know I care, they don’t care what I know.  But here is the great part, the only way they will ever trust us is through Christ, and through their own(Benigno).  Benigno, the man who stood in the shadow of a giant(Catholicism) last time we were there, has developed truly into a man of God.  He is gentle, persistent, and in love with Christ.  This is what sets him apart.  So though religion paints a brutal fight once again, we have a man on that side who stands for hope.  And that is our chance, that is our hope, and that is what we are in this for.  Though there were a few and may always be a few who live so sceptical, there are and were many who were just so thankful to see us.  With no rain, water has been harder to come by, without water food has been scarce and without these essentials this village has grown weary.  But we will learn from Benigno, and have a gentle spirit but persist in hope that change will come, and that we will see love grow and a new mountain for them to stand firm upon.  Thank you all so much for making this last week possible.

From me to you.


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