What Kind of leader are you?


Crown of a king


I often think through what type of leader that I want to be, and what type of leader that I am.  I exist somewhere in between this gap of reality. Here lately I can’t get this concept out of my head.  

‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord,

‘every knee will bow before me;

every tongue will acknowledge God.’ 

Romans 14:11


There were many differences between Jesus the king, and other kings but one is the reverence of the throne.  See in what I know about kingdoms, is that normally there would be a leader who sits upon the throne, who demanded respect, who demanded reverence, who demanded loyalty.  Then there was Jesus, who never demanded anything upon his authority, who never threw his holiness, his kingship, or the height in which he was at anyone.  


I feel that a major part of my calling is to help people get to this prophecy, that every knee will bow, and  that every tongue will confess.  But there is a difference here.  See a normal king demands this type of respect and my king deserves it.  The choice is yours for some time, but how much more precious will it be to bow because all that He has done for you, and through you.  You will bow, you will confess, but will it be because it is demanded or deserved?  


There is something that draws me to this idea as a leader.  I can be the leader that is respected or the leader that demands respect.  There is a difference, and all I want is to be the leader who points others to a king, to a savior, who has taught me everything I know about how we should lead.  Who has given me more than anyone else can, or will.  Do my actions point to what he has done?  Will you bow to his love, or fall to your ignorance.  Either way every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess.  


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