The Reward is worth the Risk

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How do we pray?

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This Sunday I am delivering a message in our series at Elevate Church called “God is Listening.”  Really I have been thinking about this talk for a couple years now and these verses for sometime.  I made a video and posted my thoughts on Youtube for the world to see about a year or so ago, and I thought I would give you a chance to see the basis of this moment we will have Sunday morning.

Sad but True!


I really get sort of nervous sometimes by the things that I hear from people, about who Jesus is to them.   Every time I hear  about a bogus view I always think back to these videos a church did during a series about who Jesus is!  And basically who he is not!  I shouldn’t have to say this but just to clear the air the following video is not truly saying who Jesus is nor is it making fun of him, it is more making fun of us!  Be entertained:

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Since our first flight out to San Diego, we met this pastor in San Diego, who everyone warned was a real character! But our biggest encouragements have come from him and his church Calvary. He has done everything from providing free office space to running mail errands. He is the man, so my team and I made another little video just to encourage him…The video represents his personality, so here goes: